5 Top Tips for Medical Travel and Overseas Surgery

21 Feb by Edith Olson

5 Top Tips for Medical Travel and Overseas Surgery

Many people are looking for medical treatment outside their resident country to ensure that they get the best treatment.  Also, there are people who opt for treatment on other countries keeping in mind the cost factor. Whatever the reason be for opting medical treatment abroad, you need to keep few important things in mind.

Research– Ensure that you conduct thorough research about the clinic and have got the correct credentials. You could find accredited clinics overseas and get very helpful advice on mymediTravel. Make sure that you do a comparison study before you make the final decision.  

Take someone along with you- When you travel overseas for treatment purpose, it is best that you ask someone to come along with you.  They will be able to provide you physical and emotional support.

Factor the recovery time- Certain medical procedures will require more time to recover as compared to others. Hence factor in the recovery time and find out from your doctor when you will be fit to travel back to your home country.

Arrange the insurance and sort your finance-        Before you embark on your journey, it is advisable that your sort out the finances. You need to check your medical insurance to make sure that the treatment procedure is covered fully.  Also, you should take into account other expenses like food, accommodation, travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.   It is best that you prepare a budget which includes all the expenses that you might incur during travel.

Learn more about the destination- You should collect as much as information possible about the destination you are traveling such as:

  • Do you need a visa to travel to that country?
  • Is transportation easyly available within the city?
  • Is there a language barrier?
  • Know more about the culture and tradition