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6 Feb by Edith Olson

Urine Drug Test: Purpose Types and Procedure

Can Fake Pee Be Detected?

Most of the illicit drugs like valium, meth, cocaine, pot and other such drugs always leave a trace in your hair, skin and of course your urine. Even if you take these drugs occasionally or once in a way, they stay in your system for 5-7 days and sometimes more for chronic users. That being the case it is virtually impossible to pass the urine test, the very basic test in all drug testing protocols unless you produce synthetic pee.

There is no dearth for synthetic pee kits in the market but identifying which is the best one and closest to human pee is the challenge. Check ouchclub for products that are authentic and give clean results.

How can fake pee be detected?

It is not easy to differentiate synthetic pee from real pee because it is virtually the same in composition, color, temperature, and consistency. The PH, specific gravity and creatinine levels in both urines are same making it hard to identify the real from the fake.

Labs conduct an adulteration test when they suspect that a sample is a synthetic urine. Good samples can pass without problems but the poor quality ones will get caught when the pH is not between 4.6 and 8 which is the range for human urine. Next, they will check for the presence of uric acid and urea and ensure that the creatinine levels are in proportion to the body weight. Many synthetic urine samples fail the test because they do not maintain the correct temperature of urine which is between 90 to 100F. And finally, the presence of glutarahydrate is a giveaway that the pee is fake because this substance is absent in human urine.

Thus, we can safely conclude that poor quality fake urine can be detected and you will have to face the consequences as it is banned in several states but quality products will never betray you.…

5 Feb by Edith Olson

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Solids With Your Baby

Whether it is buying things for the baby or setting up the nursery, parents put in a lot of efforts and time. StarWalkKids is one of the go-to websites for parents who are looking for trusted product reviews and ideas while buying baby products. When it comes to feeding the baby, starting solids in particular, here are some mistakes to avoid.

  1. Starting too early or starting very late are both not good. For the first 6 months, breastfeeding gives the baby all the nutrients he requires. So no solids before that and around 6 months when the baby shows readiness, introducing solids would make it possible to easily set healthy eating habits.
  2. Not allowing the baby to self-feed is another blunder. Without the ability to grasp accurately and without hand-eye coordination babies might end up making a mess. But this makes mealtime fun and gets the baby interested in the food he eats.
  3. Making the baby eat alone is another thing to avoid. Invest in a high chair or a booster seat so as to allow the baby to eat with the family. This makes it possible to feed the baby without the need for distractions.
  4. Forcing the baby to complete the meal is something that parents should avoid. Babies should be allowed to decide how much they want to eat. Force feeding often backfires and results in poor eating habits.
  5. Not introducing variety is another practice to avoid. Too much bland food should be avoided and flavors and colors can be incorporated from natural fruits and vegetables.
  6. Ignoring the doctor’s advice would be a big risk in the early days. There are food items like sugar, salt, cow’s milk, and honey that are advised to be avoided for babies below 1 year of age as these are difficult for them to digest.

Planning the baby’s meals without checking on the essential nutrients being fed is another common mistake …

1 Feb by Edith Olson

The Ultimate  Guide: Traveling Abroad with Medicine

Your travel planning should start as early as possible to avoid any last minute hiccups. To begin with, you need a sturdy and spacious travel bag. And there is also the need for a stylish and secure handbag or backpack. For the widest range of bags and fashion accessories visit LuxTime. These bags and a few travel organizers can make packing easy. There is one important aspect of packing that you should pay attention to and that is packing medicines. There are plenty of rules and laws to abide by when you are traveling with medicines. So the next time you are planning an overseas trip here are a few things to remember –

Carry prescriptions

Make sure that you have all the valid prescriptions for the meds that are not over the counter varieties. Different countries have different norms about the type of medicines you can carry and the ones that are banned. So do some research on the national laws of the country that you are traveling to.

Remember to pack them all in one bag

You would definitely not want to fiddle with your luggage at the check-in counter. So make sure that you pack all the medicines you carry in one bag. This would make the checking process simpler. And ensure that you label your medicines and carry them in their original packs. This would make it easy to verify the prescription.

Detailed paperwork

Ensure that you talk to your physician and get an official letter stating the need for the medicine and its active ingredients list. If this letter could be translated and obtained in the native language of the country that you are visiting the process gets even simpler.

Finally, ensure that you take a note of the locally available substitutes for all your medicines and get prescriptions for the same. …