The Best Bedtime Tips for Increasing Energy and Losing Weight

21 Feb by Edith Olson

The Best Bedtime Tips for Increasing Energy and Losing Weight

With the hectic schedule, people are tired, fatigued and are just dragging through each day. People are constantly in search of things that will energize their body and make them fit and healthy.  You need not worry anymore; you could achieve all this by just following a few bedtime routines. There are a few simple tips that can help you in improving the energy level and also in losing weight. 

Sleep in darkness- You should consider the blackout curtain if you are exposed to the outdoor lights in your bedroom.  When in complete darkness, the body will produce melatonin hormones which help you to feel sleepy and at the same time helps in burning calories.

Lower the temperature- While sleeping in cooler temperature, you will burn more calories. The body will work hard to raise body temperature. 

Eat light dinner- If you consume large meals just before going to bed, the body will take a longer time to metabolize it.  While in deep sleep the brain emits growth hormone.  The food will be stored in the body as fat when you eat a meal late at night. You could opt for light dinner to lose weight. Also, you could check out WeKratom, a natural way to lose weight.

Avoid alcohol before bed- When you drink alcohol just before going to bed, the body will work whole night metabolizing the alcohol. Hence it is advisable that you don’t take alcohol at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Avoid screen time before bed- Before you go to best, you need to switch off all the electronics. There have been many studies conducted, which proved that the blue short-wavelength light emitted from the Smartphone and tablets disrupts the production of melatonin. It, in turn, disrupts the metabolism.  Hence avoid any kind of screen time before going to bed.